HOPE - Life without Depression

As the TMS Therapy treatment draws to an end, you will enter the “taper phase”  where the number of treatment sessions per week are reduced until they end.  This will take three weeks. During the first week you will only receive three treatments, the second week  two, and only one on the last week.

The objective is to allow your brain to start working on its own without the help of the TMS Therapy. During the on-going  treatment phase you developed a habit to be at the TMS Therapy Center at a certain time and have dedicated time to your therapy. Now it is time to maintain the habit, but dedicate that time to the activities and objectives that you delineated during the Consultation and Evaluation Meeting. It is time to take ownership of  your own life and start to “Live Without Depression”.

The “Taper Phase” is an important component of your treatment. If you have concomitant psychological or support therapy, this is the time to start switching from “coping with depression” to “how to live without depression”.

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