HOPE - Life without Depression

After the TMS Therapy treatment is finished, you will need to start to live your life again. Depending on the results your doctor may begin to reduce your medications and see which one (if any), and how much dosage is needed to maintain a productive life. Most probably, you will continue with talk therapy to learn how to deal with life without depression.

Experience tells us that as patients start to feel depression reduced, they refer the feeling of "a fog lifting", or "the darkness disappear slowly" and other variations of the lifting of the sensation of hopelessness.

Most doctors will prescribe maintenance therapy; this is a once-a-month session where you will be given a recommended treatment. This session may be left-sided, right-sided, or a combination therapy. In fact, many patients, who by now have become knowledgeable and recognize their symptoms, will call their doctor and schedule themselves! The objective is to avoid a recurrence and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The once-a-month maintenance regime varies depending on the patient. Some may not need it at all, while some may come back in two or three months intervals. It varies in each case, but it is good to know that TMS Therapy will always be available for you.

Marie's story of Depression and NeuroStar TMS Therapy

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