HOPE - Life without Depression

The first step in your road to recovery from depression is a meeting at a TMS Therapy Center for what we call the “Consultation and Evaluation Meeting”. This meeting is done with a Certified TMS Therapy Specialist and it is scheduled by appointment.

For the meeting we would ask you to download, fill, and bring with you several forms that are needed to proceed with insurance coverage investigation as well as patient information. To download the forms, click here.

Click here for a listing of the insurance companies that currently cover TMS Treatment. This listing varies constantly and we may be able to work even with companies not in this list, so make sure you send us your information to do your insurance coverage investigation.

We recommend that the patient attend this meeting with a spousal partner, a friend who is involved in the treatment process, or a family member interested in the patient’s well-being. We are going to share a lot of information and it helps to have someone provide another point of view and an opinion from someone involved with the patient.

This meeting has several objectives:

To review the problems and complications that depression has caused on the patient’s  life
To understand the evolution of the pathology and different treatments that the patient has undergone
To understand how TMS works
To be able to ask all questions regarding the therapy, procedure, expectations, etc.
To review costs, insurance, alternative forms of payment, etc.
To understand the patient’s life objectives before and after TMS Therapy

The meeting takes about an hour and depending on availability, the patient and companion may get to see the NeuroStar TMS Therapy System. All questions are most welcome.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy Unit
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Part of the meeting will be dedicated to set the expectations of your treatment, as well as define the need to schedule one hour a day, five days a week for six weeks for your treatment. The patient must be ready to invest the time and dedication to be able to succeed.

If you follow the link below to the different articles suggested, you will learn all the information you will receive at the Consultation and Evaluation meeting, and more!

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