HOPE - Life without Depression

The following forms will be needed for us to do an insurance coverage investigation as well as prepare for your treatment. Please fill out the following forms:

Click here for the forms in PDF format

Depending on your settings the forms will download to your computer or open in a new window, you would then need to download them. You can also right-click on the link and click on "Save As".

One of the forms requires your medication history. Rather than try to remember everything, you can ask for a printout of your medications from your pharmacy.

We will also need a copy (front and back) of your driver's license and insurance card. Make sure to add these when sending your forms. If you do not have a scanner, please send us photos of these documents, we will scan them.

Once finished, you can fax or e-mail these forms to us. Because of security purposes we will give you our e-mail when you call us. You can also bring them to us when we schedule your TMS consultation and evaluation meeting. E-mail or fax allows us to start working on on your insurance coverage before you even meet us!

Click here for a listing of the insurance companies that currently cover TMS TreatmentTreatment. This listing varies constantly and we may be able to work even with companies not in this list, so make sure you send us your information to do your insurance coverage investigation.


TMS Therapy Centers Staff